Shirts for HIM at UMG!

Unlike My Girlfriend! The fine print reads: " - "

Our flagship product. And, no, this item doesn't really, truly suck. Unlike like my girlfriend. She's awesome! This is also our cheapest item, if your one of those types.

The fine print reads: " more than you can lift.
- "

Don't know your limits? Here's a handy rule of thumb. Also great incentive to get to the gym! Works just as well for 16 oz. curls. Suitable for the bar or to wear to your near-sighted in-laws.

Who's Lushess Now?
Xmas Sux ... just like her The fine print reads: " - "

Have you had just about enough of the holidays before they even start? Do you hope to bring everyone down to your curmudgeonly level? Do you wish your girlfriend sucked half as much as Christmas does? Buy her the bear, let her know you care! Also available in a sweatshirt.

Xmas Sux ... just like her Xmas Sux ... just like her